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This is the 10th Anniversary of Child Action Initiative founded by Isaiah Njimbu Chot in 2006 after his return to Kasungami, DRC from Africa University, Old Mutare, Zimbabwe, where he graduated with a degree in Sociology.  CAI's mission was/is to educate HIV/AIDs orphans and improve their quality of life.  Nazareth United Methodist Church (NUMC), Kasungami, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is the headquarters of CAI.

The first year of inception CAI was able to provide schooling for 22 children, the second year 50 students and the third year and subsequent years 100 students have been enrolled. Tuition, school uniforms, school supplies, shoes and socks, and school lunches are provided for these students.  Students are enrolled in first through 12th grade with 4 students in vocational school as they aged out of regular school.  The trade school students will be able to earn an income when they have completed their education.

We are excited to announce that Levy Tshombe Kayembe has completed his first year at Africa University (A.U.) and is happy to have passed his exams. Levy has returned to Kasungami, DRC for vacation and will enter A.U. in the fall to continue his study of sociology.  He is a committed Christian and a good student.

Levy at A.U. Chapel

Levy was born June 15, 1994 in DRC.  He is an orphan of displaced parents who fled war conditions. Kasungami community members contacted Isaiah to arrange a place to live and enrollment in CAI for Levy.  He faced social challenges and did not have tuition for school.  His life was very stressful.

Isaiah and Yvette interact and socialize with children in the community which gave them a chance to learn Levy's story. Levy was enrolled in secondary school under the CAI Education Program where he did very well. 


This is the seventh year for this fundraiser.  We need to raise enough funds for 100 pairs of sneakers and socks and to also help pay for school lunches.  After tuition, school lunches are the most expensive item to provide for the students.

Children are excited to receive sneakers and socks.  "Having such kind of gift is a blessing", said Mbayo.  "Many children in my community would wish to have this opportunity but it never happened.  I am not different from them and special for receiving shoes and socks.  It just by God's grace.  My feet will be well protect against diseases and I will also go to school."  "Thanks to Sydney and everyone who has contributed."

Students receiving Sneakers and socks

Students thanking Sydney and ORUMC for sneakers and socks

If you would like to donate to Shoes and Socks for Isaiah's Kids please send a check to Oak Ridge United Methodist Church, 2424 Oak Ridge Road, Oak Ridge, NC 27310, or to The Advance No. 3021036 at Advance GCFA, P.O. Box 9068, New York, NY 10087-9068 memo "Shoes and Socks",
or online through The Advance.

Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support.


Bev and Ed Wentz

U.S. Coordinators for Child Action Initiative
Western North Carolina Conference, Piedmont District
Oak Ridge United Methodist Church
Oak Ridge, NC 27310

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